How I Got Started

I would find myself so frustrated from years of misplaced and melted lids that cluttered up my kitchen cupboards never able to find a lid that seem to fit. After buying total sets of lids with matching containers, I was back to the same old problem in a few short wks. After a few years and countless hours of work, we have come up with a product we are proud of

Each silicone oven proof lid is fully patented and designed to fit most bowls using your own bowls as containers.

My strong desire has been to create something of quality and value that anyone entering there own kitchen can use.  Each lid has unlimited uses and doubles as a microwave tray catching spillovers, as well as transporting hot food to the table. By reversing the lids, they are used as a non skid surface holding your bowl in place while mixing (never having to hug your bowl or use a wet towel again. 
Cute is always nice, but for me it has always been  "How many problems can one top quality multi-functional lid solve" and how much money can we save the consumer.
My mission is simple:  I want to turn everyone into "LidLovers"

Patricia Anthony